Three Things w/ Robbie

Issue 29

Hey yall,

Coming from Dallas, TX today where we are gearing up for 1-degree weather. They canceled school just because it was cold today.

It’s going to be a long weekend as everyone here acts like the world is ending.

New here?

One week ago life changed.

Roxie moved on to her next journey.

I knew it would hit me hard. I thought I was prepared. I was so wrong.

One day I will write a book about our journey. It will be a story of triumph. A reminder of how far we went in 10 years. A reminder of what we achieved.

The origin story of what I’m building now because I’ve always been confident in myself but now I owe it to her.

Keep watching for where this journey goes now.

Where does the creator economy go in 2021?

That’s been the question I’ve been pondering lately and as a result, have been involved in a number of conversations. The number of ideas floating around and the energy seems to be multiplying in an exponential nature these days.

It’s never been easier to get started creating. Think about all of the frictionless places to get started.

Substack lets you set up an email newsletter in no time.

Slack lets you set up a community for free and in no time.

Gumroad makes it effortless to sell info products.

Clubhouse lets you turn on your phone and jump into incredible conversations.

TikTok lets you use creativity and go viral extremely quickly.

One of my favorite examples of the TikTok journey is a friend of mine who back in the summer decided to try it out. He started talking about swords.

Freaking swords.

Honestly, how nuts is that? I knew there would be a niche but I thought maybe 10k fans or so.

On Monday, we were talking and he just looked at me. “You want to know where I’m at on TikTok?” And that’s when he dropped the bomb that he had crossed over 200k followers! 200k!

You can create anything and find success. I don’t know who’s going to be the next Mr. Beast but I do know it’s going to happen.

Another great example took place last night in a Clubhouse room called Shoot your Shot. It’s basically a live audio version of Tinder/Bumble (shoutout to female-led IPO for $8 billion from SMU alum Whitney Wolf Herde). It went crazy and had 3k people in the room, advertisements being thrown at it, and instant fame for the moderators.

The main point of all of this is to just get started today. You never know what you will end up hitting on.

Now for Three Things

  1. The journey of writing 30 articles in 30 days

What a cool experiment. My goal for 2021 is to publish 100 articles. Ill get back to writing next week. Looking forward to publishing more and sharing with yall.

  1. Tell your story like Hermoine Granger

  1. How to Crush it on Clubhouse

So I’ve been having a ton of success recently on the platform. Today I was a part of a discussion with the Creator Economy Club that had over 500 people as we discussed where the creator economy is heading. It was a fun discussion with a lot of people I respect and enjoy listening to. After that I was asked to join the Gumroad crew like Sahil, Daniel, Justin, and then Jack Butcher joined too. We discussed creating digital assets and making money through them.

This led to one of my friends reaching out to me and saying that I should write a guide on how to crush it on Clubhouse. So this weekend I will be sitting down and mapping out exactly how people can do this.

Look for the info product next week. Most likely a mix of writing and video. It will be a low ticket item to help you out.

One final thing: Applications are open for On Deck Performative Speaking. We are currently over 200 applications and only taking up to 130 people. I’m doing admission on a rolling basis but I always want to give yall a special way in if you want it.

Let me know if you apply.

Applications are here.

“Make it simple, but significant.” Don Draper

See you next time,