Three Things

Issue 28

Hey yall,

Great to have you here. We are at 345 people. That’s up 7 people.

New here?

What an absolutely insane week. Both personally and in the world.

We saw that the stock market can be massively disrupted by taking advantage of the system. We watched Robinhood go against the very thing their name stands for and then saw the CEO give a terrible performance on television.

I’ve been thinking about the direction of this newsletter a lot recently.

Here is what you can expect moving forward.

  1. Quick thoughts and updates from me.

  2. Short stories

  3. Breakdowns of TED Talks and other interesting speeches

  4. Articles I’ve published

  5. YouTube videos I’ve published

  6. Interesting articles I’ve come across.

Expect a mix of these things.

If you like it I hope that you stick around and share it with friends and family.

  1. On Deck Performative Speaking is live!

I can’t believe I finally get to say that. We announced the program on Tuesday and the response has been absolutely incredible. We are well over 100 applications in the first 48 hours since opening. Founders, sales execs, CEOs, podcasters, YouTubers, Coaches, Investors, and so many more have all applied.

I would love it if you checked out the website and took a look around. Maybe it’s something that makes sense for you. Most of you have been with me since the start of this journey back in July. Your support is largely why I’m here.

Check it out here.

  1. This article for Jack Butcher’s Value

    “Zero to Acquisition”

  1. This article by Sahil Bloom on the GameStop situation.

It’s a fascinating read by Sahil. His Twitter threads have blown up over the past few months and for good reason. He has an ability to distill complicated ideas into understandable writing.


See you next week,