Three Things

Issue 26

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It snowed here in Dallas the other day.

Some places in Texas got 6-9 inches of snow…it melted the same day.

I looked back at my website recently and saw something that disgusted me.

My lack of writing.

My lack of creating.

I vowed to fix that. Because when I checked in December the last post I had published was in September. That’s ridiculous.

Yes, I was busy with Performative Speaking, creating the course, marketing the course, writing this newsletter, and getting ready for cohort 2, but still…ridiculous.

So here’s the thing. Remember that it happens. Sometimes we drop the ball. Sometimes life gets in the way. That’s okay and it’s natural.

I’ve built in public this entire time with you all and I’m not going to stop. I was ashamed of myself. I felt like I was failing myself and also other people.

Not because they care about my articles or writing but more just as accountability. I needed to be better. I was still writing plenty of content but not long-lasting and interesting articles that could be posted on my website.

Then I got the new Webflow website from my friend Jim, who is freaking amazing. I was a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out Webflow. But then I started writing again. And I figured it out. Because that’s what life is all about. Figuring things out and finding a way.

I decided that in January I would write one article every single day. 500-1500 words. I only have one article planned and it will be a longer piece. The others, spur of the moment with whatever strikes my fancy. The idea is to do something hard. The idea is to create consistently. Maybe one of them is really good and makes a big splash.

Or maybe just one person reads something they needed.

Either way, I consider it a win.

So 11 days into this journey. It’s tough but fun.

Oh and all of this while I go through integration with On Deck and my Performative Speaking program.

In fact…lookout for some big news on Thursday.

And then you can read another article because that will be day 14.

Now for Three Things

  1. Always a fan of David Perell’s Favorite Things of the Year

  1. Here’s an article I wrote about the power of conversations and why you should treat them like a treasure.

  1. My newest YouTube video (new one coming later today)

Stay tuned to Twitter for a major announcement on Thursday.

See you next week.