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Hey y’all,

I’m here in Mexico City this week and it’s been a beautiful week exploring a new city. Here’s the sunset last night from where I’m staying.

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Every creator hates LinkedIn. I mean HATES it. It’s a common discussion point from creators on Twitter and they swear to never go on that platform. The normal jokes about spammy connection requests get made. The people point out how Twitter is better for networking anyways.

And I’m glad that feel this way because it means an easier opportunity to stand out on that platform.

Have fun competing with Naval on Twitter.

You see, I can’t make a visual like Jack Butcher. I don’t have 100k followers on Twitter to RT and spread every tweet I put out. I don’t want to put together thread after thread.

But what I can do is tell a story. Create video. Stand out on a platform that’s been ridiculed and forgotten.

Except it keeps surviving.

LinkedIn is finally embracing creators. They are rolling out a creator mode. Why? Because something like only 1% of people on LinkedIn create content. They need creators.

So why fight to capture attention on Twitter with these huge names and well established brands when you can instead become a player on LinkedIn?

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to happen overnight. Just like growth on any platform it will require consistency and also valuable content. Those are things I know how to do. I stayed away from LI for far too long. Frustrated with the lack of engagement. Confused as to what works best.

Instead of doing my research, I just piled on with the hate. What a foolish approach. This isn’t how I do things. There’s an opportunity here but it will take work.

I believe that work will pay off in a big way.

So yes, I’ll still be tweeting but I can guarantee that I’ll also be LinkedInning?

If you’re a creator, I think you should give it a try too.

Want to talk more about LinkedIn? Email me and let’s brainstorm together.

One of the best things about the past year has been building a network of people who are ambitious, interesting, and most of all actually doing really cool stuff. It’s actually wild to realize that it wasn’t even a year ago that I really jumped into all of this writing, newsletter, twitter, and online space.

Realistically this happened starting in May/June of last year. I just talked to my good friend Andrew Barry about this as we reminisced on the fact that we didn’t know each other at this point last year. Now he’s absolutely crushing it with his Course Creators course.

Today I also got to grab dinner with someone that I’ve been incredibly impressed with over the past year. Dru Riley created Trends.VC. The nearly 3 hour long dinner is our first time we ever spoke together.

I’m blown away by where life has taken me. This was very cool.

And somehow even though I wore pants, they basically became shorts. Time for some new purchases.

What story do you tell yourself?

Make it one like this…

Here’s a piece I wrote last week about sales: The Words I Overheard That Changed My Life

Thanks for reading.

In case you want to learn more about working together, I put together this notion page to check out.

I love to hear from readers, let me know your thoughts on LinkedIn, the video, or anything else you find interesting.

See you next week!