Special Three Things

Crossfit For Speaking!!!!


We are less than 3 weeks away from the inaugural On Deck Performative Speaking.

I’m so excited. I love teaching. I love the community. I love being in the trenches with every person dedicating their time, money, and energy to improving themselves.

I completely re-imagined the curriculum from the past Performative Speaking.

My good friend Andrew Barry actually reached out today with that exact message. He advised me on my first course but realized I made significant changes to the structure and flow of the course.


Because I always want to improve.

I can’t wait for that energy and excitement.

Before I forget…

A FREE Crossfit for Speaking session is going down next Wednesday at 3 pm PT. The first 30 minutes will walk through the Performative Speaking framework. I want people to have an actionable takeaway from the session.

Then the next 90 minutes are CrossFit for Speaking.

It’s fun.

It’s fast.

It’s effective.

Want to sign up?

Register here!

Slightly crazy news.

On February 23 my Instagram was attacked for impersonation. Except I wasn’t impersonating any one other than myself.

For 3 weeks…nothing.

Then I finally got it back by finding someone in my network who works at IG.

It’s crazy.

But reminds me just how much I appreciate each of you who sign up to this email list. Because I won’t lose this. Ever.

So just know…I appreciate you. I’m thankful you hang with me as I figure out how best to deliver value through this thing.

I’m thinking deeply on it.

It will improve.

It will deliver value.

Thanks again my friends.