Performative Speaking Cohort

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Hey y’all,

One year ago this week I was just starting the very first Performative Speaking cohort. We had 35 people join in for the inaugural cohort and not a day goes by that I don’t think about that group of people.

In the year since I’ve learned so many lessons around building a course based business. I’ve expanded my offerings beyond the cohort based course to include group coaching and private coaching. I ran a 2nd cohort that had 113 people in it and saw results that were huge.

Most of all I designed the life I wanted to live by making an impact in the lives of other people.

I believe the world needs more entrepreneurs and the group of founders I’ve had the chance to work with are making this real. They are building companies in health tech, property tech, small business resources, space tech, legal tech, community building, sales tech, ed tech, and so much more.

I’m working on a longer post about my journey in getting here because I’ve had to learn marketing, sales, community building, branding, content creation, managing a team, hiring, partnerships, and a whole bunch more that I never expected.

So today’s issue is brief.

I have two announcements and 1 ask.

I also know that many people will unsubscribe just because I do this. I had a friend recently who went through a similar experience. We want to deliver as much free value to people as we can but at the end of the day we also need to run a business. And we know that the people who sign up will get the results they want. So with that said here it is.

  1. Performative Speaking Cohort 3 kicks off November 8 with applications closing on November 4th. You can find it here and we’d love to have you join.

  2. Would you mind sharing that link for the Performative Speaking cohort with people you think would be interested?

  3. Creating a course is hard. That’s why I joined forces with Andrew Barry who built out Course of Action and Curious Lion and Marie Poulin who built out Notion Mastery. We put together a 12 month accelerator program called Course Creators Collective. We just opened our Beta group of 10 spots and have 7 people already paid and committed to building out their course business. If you’re interested you can check out the website here to apply.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support. Seriously. I couldn’t do this without you and that’s what keeps me building.



P.S. Sharing that PS link helps a ton. I won’t let you down if you do.