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Hey y’all,

To my American friends, Happy 4th of July.

I’ve been spending the last week in Los Angeles and its been pure magic. Meeting Performative Speaking alums, enjoying the beautiful weather, and thinking about the future for creators.

Welcome to all 626 of you (up 4 from last issue).

Kobe said shooters shoot.

I’m going to take some inspiration from him and say creators create.

So with that in mind why does that matter to you?

The TLDR: Because it opens doors you can’t even see or know exist.

To dive into this a bit deeper we can start with a document that seems especially relevant today. The Declaration of Independence.

This simple piece of parchment laid out the ideas of a group of people that believed in something and wanted to change the course of history. Every word had to be perfect. Once they hit publish and sent it away, their lives would never be the same.

You might be thinking to yourself that those men weren’t creators, but they were. They took a set of ideas and thoughts, turned them into a document, and sent it out to the world.

What could be more similar to creators today?

The other day I talked with my friend Jason (stay tuned for a nice little gift from him later in this newsletter) who told me the story of a video he put out on TikTok. He had posted it on Twitter and it received 70 likes. It’s the story of how he ordered a single espresso and the barista heard cinco.

On TikTok…he got 1.8 MILLION views.

A single piece of content can absolutely change your life just like it changed the course of US and World History.

Now that doesn’t mean you will know which piece of content will work. In fact, I often find the ones I think are my best work tend to get the least engagement or reach. Some of my absolute throwaway thoughts hit the hardest.

That’s why I say creators create. You can’t get frustrated. You just have to keep going.

It’s one of the things I always loved about Kobe. He could be 0 for 21 on the day and he would still keep shooting. Because if you stop, you end at 0.

I’m reminded of when I started this newsletter. The first few went out and it felt fun and exciting. Then it got harder. Now I get excited once again to write each issue to share my ideas and thoughts.

I’m no Thomas Jefferson or Kobe Bryant, but I will keep creating.

I wanted to share a quick update with y’all around something I’m very excited about.

It should come as no surprise that I am a huge believer in the creator economy, community building, and online courses. I’ve watched them completely change my life and so many others.

But I also remember how hard it was when I started my course with Performative Speaking last year. Lots of wasted time, stress, and hoping for the best. I know there should be more help out there for people like me last year.

So I’m teaming up with Marie Poulin and Andrew Barry to create and launch an accelerator for course creators. We call it Course Creators Collective or C3 for short.

If you want more information just reach out to me as we are currently in a small beta test before public launch in August.

(And don’t worry there are big plans and announcements coming for Performative Speaking.)

I told you earlier that my friend Jason (the guy with 1.8 million views on 1 TikTok video…go watch here) had something special for everyone.

You see Jason is a commercial actor and a wizard with camera confidence plus getting your appearance right as a creator.

And no this isn’t sponsored but I love what he’s doing. Take a read below to learn more about Jason and how he can help you because I promise that he can.

Are you keen on creating video content?

Get 20% off your subscription using the code: THEGRID20

What is Joy with Jas? A self-directed tutorials series helping you set up your home studio, beat performance anxiety and build influence on camera.

Who is Jas? Jason is an Australia born, Europe based actor and model. With over 150+ commercial jobs, including 16 tv & cinema campaigns, he is now sharing insider secrets. With the coaching mantra that 'a drowning person can't learn to swim' his unique approach to confidence & video as a vehicle for online communication ensures that no one is left behind.

Have a great 4th of July weekend and in that spirit here is one of my favorite movies and speeches of all time…

See you next week,